Name Change after Marriage

People seeking to change their surname after marriage, separation or divorce may not need to register a change of name, depending on where their marriage occurred.

As part of my all inclusive service, I will provide you with a Newlywed Name Change Kit after your ceremony.  This is a comprehensive manual, which includes all necessary forms and links to common websites for you to change your details to your married name.

Married in Australia

If you were married in Australia and would like to use your spouse’s surname, you do not need to register a change of name.  However, most organisations will require a standard marriage certificate as proof of your marriage and your spouse’s surname.

Married overseas

Many organisations will not accept a non-Australian marriage certificate to change a person’s surname following marriage.  If you were married overseas, you may be asked to register a change of name.

Change of name after separation or divorce

If you have separated or divorced and wish to revert to a previous surname, many organisations will require evidence of that previous name.  This evidence may be provided in the form of a standard marriage certificate or a standard birth certificate.

Different organisations have varying requirements. Check with the relevant organisations before submitting any application to the Registry.

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