Here are some questions which couples often ask.

What does the Celebrant do?
•    Attends to all your legal paperwork
•    Assists you to write a ceremony to suit your needs
•    Solemnise your marriage
•    Register your marriage with Births Deaths & Marriages after the ceremony

What are your first steps?
1. It is imperative that you book in your wedding date and time with the Celebrant as soon as you can – it is at this appointment you complete your Notice of Intended Marriage.  Call to make an appointment on 0420 649 605 or email celebrant@acelebrationtoremember.com.au
2.  The ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ must ONLY be lodged with the Celebrant who is going to marry you (officiate the ceremony) and NOT with Births Deaths & Marriages.
3.  Your ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ needs to be completed no less than a calendar month and one day prior to marriage but it is strongly advisable to complete this with me as soon as you have decided on the date and time for your ceremony.
4.  Most couples book months in advance, so it’s advisable to call as soon as you can.
5.  Only one person needs to visit the Celebrant to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage.  The other person can sign at a later date prior to marriage.
6.  If either the Bride or Groom are overseas then only the person residing in Australia needs to visit the Celebrant to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage.  The person who resides overseas can sign upon arrival in Australia just prior to the marriage.

If either of us are applying for immigration, what do we need to do?
Make an appointment with the Celebrant where you will complete and sign the Notice of Intended Marriage.  The Celebrant will then type you the necessary letter for the Department of Immigration.  Only one of you need to complete the form for this to be done.  Call 0420 649 605 to make an appointment or email celebrant@acelebrationtoremember.com.au

What does my fee include?
•    Unlimited appointment times with the Celebrant
•    Beautifully printed Civil Marriage Certificate
•    Preparation of all legal documentation prior to marriage
•    Typing and printing of your ceremony wording
•    Use of the Celebrants portable microphone (generally used for over 50 guests)
•    Use of the Celebrants signing table and two chairs
•    Rehearsal/Run-through of your ceremony at the Celebrants Home or Venue
•    All office typing and printing
•    Emails and faxes
•    Telephone calls (within Australia only)
•    Stationery and postage
•    The celebrant will usually arrive approx. 40 minutes prior to the ceremony.
•    Most importantly – a very warm, relaxed and professionally presented ceremony by a Celebrant who is a romantic at heart!

What do I do if I can’t find my documents?
If you were born in Australia, you can obtain a copy of your Birth Certificate, (and if applicable, the Death Certificate of former spouse) from Births, Deaths & Marriages, in the state in which you were born.

If you have been divorced and need a copy of your Divorce Certificate or Decree Absolute, then this can be obtained from the Family Law Court in the state in which the marriage was dissolved.


What do we need to do after we are married?

British Commonwealth Residents:
After your marriage, all couples will need to obtain a registered copy of their Marriage Certificate.  I can arrange all this for you, or you can obtain this yourselves the next working day from the Department of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

Residents from all other countries:
Some Non-British Commonwealth countries may require an Apostile or Authentication stamp to be placed on the reverse of your Registered Marriage Certificate.  This is obtained from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Can we choose spiritual or religious wording for our ceremony?
Yes. You are welcome to include any wording you feel reflects your beliefs or way of life.  However, there is a legal wording component that must be included in your ceremony, which I will make you aware of at our meeting.

Do we have to attend any pre-marital courses?
No.  However, all Celebrants have course information should you wish to attend.

When do I need to book the Celebrant?
Most professional Celebrants are busy, so please book me as soon as you have decided on your date, time and venue. Call today for an obligation-free appointment on 03 9764 1331 or 0420 649 605 or email celebrant@acelebrationtoremember.com.au

From outside Australia call: 61 3 9764 1331 or 0420 649 605 or email celebrant@acelebrationtoremember.com.au

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