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Prospective Marriage Visa celebrant, Fiance Visa Letter, Rebecca Morrison Celebrant Melbourne Visa Celebrant, Immigration Visa Couples Visa Celebrant LetterHave you found the love of your life, but they live in a different country?

As a celebrant, I can provide you with a “letter from a celebrant” to aid your application to obtain a Prospective Marriage Visa  for immigration purposes.

Contact me for further details on 0420 649 605.


Are you wanting to marry and live in Australia?

You may be asked by The Department of immigration to provide  proof that one of you is an Australian citizen.  You will need to:

Contact an authorised celebrant

• Complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)

• Provide immigration with a letter from your celebrant, covering details of your intended marriage in Australia

As a celebrant, I provide all the necessary documentation you will need for the immigration application.


If you are in Australia and your partner is overseas:

Contact me and we can organise to meet, discuss and complete the necessary documentation for your immigration application process.

• You will be required to bring your birth certificate (if born in Australia) or your overseas passport (if born overseas) when meeting with me.

• You will need to complete the “Notice of Intended Marriage” (NOIM) with me.

• If your partner is overseas, your signature alone on the document lodged, is satisfactory at this stage

• I will give you a letter, covering details of your impending marriage, for immigration purposes.


If your situation is not straight forward, and a little more complex:

Contact me for further guidance and information on 0420 649 605.  Together we can work through the process.


It is important that, as a celebrant, I view the following documents prior to your marriage:

• If you were born overseas, outside Australia, you must show me your overseas passport or your birth certificate.

• If you were born in Australia, you must produce your birth certificate (Please note: an Australian passport is not acceptable)

• If you have been married previously, you need to provide a certified copy of your Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate of former spouse

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