Sand Ceremony

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You can use two colors to symbolize the bride and the groom.  You can use three colors to represent the foundation that marriage is built on and the faith that the couple shares, or parents may pour the foundational sand, representing their support and love. If it’s a small intimate wedding, each guest could add to the foundation sand.  Or you can use a color to represent each child in the family if this is a second marriage for a family unity ceremony.

You may choose colors to coordinate with your wedding colors, colors to coordinate with the decor of your home, pink and blue, or whatever colors have meaning for you. You may also use natural colored sand.

Idea: If you are having a beach wedding, you can personalize your sand ceremony even more by placing some sand from the beach in the bottom of your large container before the ceremony.  A great keepsake for your home!


These two individual shells of sand
symbolize your separated selves,
one shell of sand representing you, (Bride’s Name)
all that you were,
all that you are, and all that you will ever be;
and the other shell of sand representing you, (Groom’s Name)
all that you were,
all that you are,
and all that you will ever be.

Please pour the sand from your individual shells
into this heart-shaped bottle,
to symbolize the union of your two lives.

This bottle of sand now represents your new life together.
Although you are two separate people,
your lives will now be joined together as one.
Just as these grains of sand can never be separated
or poured again into their individual containers,
so will your marriage be,
for two shall become one



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