1. GUESTS  Decide on an approximate number of people to invite – You need to have an estimated idea before you find the venue you need.

2. VENUE This can be done soon after you determine an approximate number of guests.  It’s much more fun looking at venues when   you know what you’re looking for.   Remember too, if you really love the venue   you pick, try and be a little flexible on dates.

3. CATERING This is usually part of a venue, to make your life easier.  Make sure you have a taste test of their menus.  If you are bringing a caterer into your venue of choice, food is a very important aspect of any wedding, and good caterers book up quickly.

4. PHOTOGRAPHER  There are many, many wedding photographers out there, so it’s important to find one you are completely comfortable with.  A good Photographer or Videographer will take up a large portion of your budget, but will be worth every cent.

5. CELEBRANT  I always say “A good celebrant is worth their weight in gold!” Probably the most important part of your day, because nothing goes without someone there to actually marry you.

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