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Hottest Trends for Wedding Ceremonies 2016

There has been quite a turn around in wedding ceremonies, with most brides and grooms stepping away from tradition and doing things their own unique way. Ceremonies are more likely to be unique, humorous, personal and fun while still remaining elegant and lovely.  Gone are the church weddings and in are the outdoor ceremonies (even catering for rainy weather)!

Look out 2016…….the warmer weather is upon us!

rebecca morrison melbourne celebrant, giving away the brideGiving Away ……..a thing of the past!

While the “giving away” tradition is still a lovely tradition to withhold, father of the bride, or mother and father of the bride to walk the bride down the aisle and ‘give them away’, a lot of coupes who have been together for some time opt out of the “giving away” tradition, rather walking down the aisle with one of their children or solo.

There is an increase in less traditional and more creative ‘giving away’ alternatives, here are some we have encountered and love!

  • Couple’s child or children walking the bride down the aisle.
  • Bridesmaids linking the bride’s arms and walking her down the aisle.
  • The independent bride walking herself down the aisle.
  • The bride and groom arriving together as pictured below walking down the aisle to the cheers and applause of their guests!

Rebecca Morrison Melbourne Celebrant, no cameras during weddingUnplugged Weddings

Most celebrants nowadays (at the couples request) are asking guests to put their cameras, phones and selfie sticks down during the ceremony and enjoy the moment.

Many wedding photographers are also favouring this concept.  They have the essential equipment to capture moments like Mum and Dad’s reactions when their son or daughter is pronounced husband and wife, without a camera or iPad blocking it. There are always plenty of opportunities after the ceremony and during signing of the marriage register that guests can take advantage of capturing those special moments.

Social Media Ban

Unplugged or otherwise most of our couples like us to include a pre wedding announcement that no photos are to be uploaded to social media until the professional photographers photos have been shared by the couple.

With all the effort, planning and time that has gone in to create the special day, it makes perfect sense that the first photos that friends see of the day are the jaw dropping beautifully crafted professional ones.

Rebecca Morrison Melbourne Celebrant, photos before your ceremonyPhoto’s BEFORE the ceremony

Traditionally the groom sees the bride for the very first time as she makes her way down the aisle towards him and after the ceremony has taken place, they have photos with family and friends before being whisked off away from the guests for their location shoot.

More and more couples now are opting to stay and celebrate with their loved ones after the ceremony, and instead of being whisked away they simply meet a couple of hours before the ceremony for professional photos to be taken pre-ceremony.

Another benefit to scheduling the location photos before the ceremony is it means the ceremony can take place a little later and you can enjoy the most beautiful picturesque sunset ceremony!

Melbourne Celebrant Rebecca Morrison

Husband and wife introduction

An increasing number of brides are choosing not to take their new husbands surname for various reasons, so instead of being introduced as Mr and Mrs Smith, they are opting to be introduced instead as ‘Husband and Wife’. Either way it’s such a high point of the ceremony that whichever way this is announced, the guests respond with huge cheers and applause before congratulating the newlyweds with hugs and kisses.

So make sure you discuss all options for your ceremony with your celebrant. There are lots of new fresh ideas to create a beautiful, unique ceremony that reflects the two of you and honours your beliefs, traditions and the feel you want for your ceremony.


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